Over 40 years of experience with teams

I have known team sports since my youth.  I understand professional athletics from the perspective of a national and international team player and that of a coach.  All of the important factors – accountable Leadership, creating an atmosphere where you are motivated to develop,  a healthy competetive culture, a functioning team,  transparent communication – can be applied 1:1 in the business world.  In both sport and business, the foundations for a successful team are identical.

As our coach, Harold would always give us players lots of trust and room to develop.  For me personally, this was very motivating and gave me much confidence in the games.

Brandon Reid - Hockey Coach and former player

Keynote Speaker - from professional athletics to business

My focus as a Keynote Speaker:

Team Construction

  • How to be authentic and build trust in a team?
  • What is conflict in a team?
  • How to strengthen commitment in a team?
  • What does accountability for yourself and your team mean?
  • How can we build confidence in our team?


Team Leadership

  • Defining a team vision and goals
  • Being an inspiration for your team – leading by example
  • Building team culture and letting it grow
  • Defining roles within the team
  • Developing team members
  • Forms of communicating with the team


„Every year in our organization we set a motto to drive our company. Harold Kreis delivered an impressive and inspiring address on 'Winning Spirit'. He was able to energize and inspire the diverse audience. With concrete and understandable examples from his rich experience as a professional player and coach, Harold was able to communicate clearly with the audience and give them something of merit.”

Beat Grob, CEO Bossard Central Europe


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