wherever two or more people are working together to achieve a common goal, a team is formed.

Harold Kreis

From Player to Team-player

In the business world, as in the sports world: long-term success is based not only on the motivation and the skill set of individual „players“ but rather through a common bond and strong spirit of togetherness within the team.  Ambitious goals can only be achieved with a team that functions well together.

For over 40 years I have been living Team Culture. As a player. As captain of a team. As a coach. Therefore I understand that the foundation of any functioning team is Leadership based on trust.

Benefit from my experience in professional sports and my know-how from strategic training in Building High Performance Teams, Team Culture and Positive Psychology.


„Harold Kreis presented the fundamentals of leadership in practical and meaningful ways, calling on his many years of experience as a successful athlete and coach and with his authentic and humorous style. The attendees, over 500 researchers from our company, were inspired and still talk about the presentation today.“

Leopold Wyss
Global Head Sponsorship & Donations
Novartis International, Basel

Team Construction

Functioning teams don’t occur by chance.  Leadership brings them together and leads them based on his or her values, philosophy and principles.  Build an inspiring atmosphere that motivates and allows for constructive teamwork by being an authentic, trustworthy Leader.

The 5 layers of Team Construction

1. Trust
2. Conflict
3. Commitment
4. Accountability
5. Belief


Team Leadership

It is important to know your own identity, character strengths and values when working with team members. Before we can develop other Leaders, we need to know what our personal values are. An excellent building block based on personal accountability, authenticity, inspiration and trust creates a framework for safe and transparent collaboration.  Sharpen your view of sustainable success through this framework.

The 6 layers of Team Leadership

1. Vision + Goals
2. Inspiration
3. Culture
4. Roles
5. Development
6. Communication


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